Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is such a touchy subject across the United States, especially with the recent execution of Troy Davis. I think that the death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment. Although it seems painless to the rest of the world who watches men and women die at the needle, nobody knows the pain they endure inside their bodies. When they are injected their motions are numbed as is their mouth, but their insides feel as though they are on fire. Out of the fifty states 34 states still have the death penalty intact and they need to realize that it is not safe for prisoners to endure this pain. Those who are killed under the death penalty are often found not guilty years down the road. If this law was not in place then the people executed would still be alive and there would be no need to regret killing them. I think that states need to look at medical evidence of what the injections do to a person’s insides. Eliminating the death penalty would solve wrongful punishment and deaths, and would also show that the country does not support cruel punishments. I think that the death of Troy Davis very significant in this battle, however it also shows the power one man can have. Millions of people waited in front of their television for the final judgment on Davis’ death which was postponed a few years before. One man decided the fate of Troy Davis and that is not fair. If 8 of the nine justices said he should live, one man should not inject him. It is crucial that people examine the case of Davis and see that the punishment he got was not necessary. One man should never have his life taken over something that may not have been his doing. The thirty four states may not all use this punishment, but one day they may decide, they want to kill somebody. The states who execute people with the death penalty have blood on their hands. Although the death penalty is found as a non cruel punishment, the medical evidence shows that it is. The pain these men suffer sitting in jail, and then the emotional distress of being killed they go through is cruel enough, but the lethal dose and the burning they feel inside is the most cruel thing that they can go through. Shooting a man is not as painful as the injection men receive. In my opinion the death penalty is cruel and unusual and the states that have the death penalty are states with a low population and are not very revolutionized. It is important to examine all of the cases and see how many people were killed and then found innocent later, and the way these men and women suffer. The President needs to step in and say that enough is enough and the punishment is unnecessary. Troy Davis is one of many men would should not have died with the lethal injection. All it takes is one redneck and a man’s life is no longer existent.

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